Seller Seminar Step 8

Step 8


What Role Does the Appraiser Play?

1  Determines property value (How?)

The appraiser will collect information from sales of:

  • New Construction
  • Sale of established Properties (Compare subject property to sold properties)

Sees to it that lender property requirements are met

3  Addresses property condition and documents such with review of property home inspection and personal inspection

4  Determines if the property is code compliant

Value depends upon ones perspective

Miscellaneous Notes:

Criteria for legal bedroom:

  • Separate entry,
  • Closet with door,
  • Window large enough to craw through.  (Bottom ledge 40-45 inches off floor)
  • Exterior siding not touching ground (VA requires 4-5 inches)
  • Ceiling heights (Normal 8’, Less than 6’6” is a problem)

Who pays for appraisal?

  • Normally the seller pays and that money is collected and paid before appraisal is performed.

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